Causing to Forget

The Pain is the Issue

Causing to Forget is a nonprofit dedicated to working out the pain of trauma and turning it into something beautiful. Pain paralyzes and leads to depression, anxiety, and stagnation. Forgetting the pain means moving forward.


Broken Hearts Need Healing and Pain Needs Forgetting


By using best practices and the Word of God, we will provide counseling, coaching, and comfort to people seeking faith-based approaches to mental health. We provide:

Accredited trainings




Healing Forums

Healing forums are hosted by Causing to Forget to address a range of topics. We use our network of mental health professionals, life coaches, and life-experienced professionals to craft transformative events.

Transparency in Practice

Healing forums are done in honesty. We share the truth as it is and discuss the nuances of the topic from various angles with personal experiences and clinical perspectives.

Speakers with Expertise

Healing forums are done by speakers with personal and professional expertise. Their intimate knowledge and understanding of their given subject areas allow for a truly transformative discussion.

Bring to Your Organization

If you would like to host your own customized Healing Forum, please contact us. We offer workshops, training, and forums for your clients and staff.

Women's Healing Month

Every October, we cover women's health issues. Women encounter challenges along life's path often in secret and while being unable to express what we have endured with someone who has been thru it too.

My Baby has Wings

This healing forum covers infant and pregnancy loss, as well as infertility. Each year, we offer a safe space and a gentle touch to remember those who have Angel Babies.

When It's Over

This healing forum gets in-depth on recovering mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially after the divorce, during the separation, and before you decide to sign the dotted line.

Unchained & Loosed

This healing forum celebrates survivors of sexual trauma by focusing on overcoming. We listen to stories of overcomers and support them in their journey of strength.

Real Life Sessions

Each month, Causing to Forget hosts real-life sessions. These topics are chosen by the participants and are held on Third Wednesdays. The topics, once chosen, are paired with the right facilitator and panelist. These sessions are free and open to the public.

Online Community

Real-life sessions have been the start of real friendships with someone who understands your story.

Become a Voice

Real-life sessions are an opportunity for YOU to be heard and supported thru your healing on your own platform.