Why We Wake

When we see pain, something inside of us wakes up and stands on alert.  Something about seeing hurt provokes us to solve the problem with all the skills and knowledge available to us.  While we are not superheroes, we certainly have been known to accessorize a cape!  We wake because someone in pain needs to know the memory doesn't have to hurt forever.  They can forget the pain (and they have a right to).  The past trauma can be the place they grow out of and prosper from.  We are on a mission to see people healed in all walks of life.


Yolanda Palmer, the founder of this nonprofit, has worked in human services for over 20 years.  She opened Causing me to Forget to solve the pain problem. Through her extensive experience working with trauma, she has witnessed how pain can be overcome and offers the opportunity for all who want to heal to experience their change.

Board of Directors

Bianca Bellinger, MBA, MURP, MPH

Sharon Mowatt, MBA

Lorraine Smith

Leadership Team

Quarita Futrell

Communications Director

Quarita is the Communications Director for Causing to Forget.  She leads the Real Life Session held monthly and Beauty For Ashes